ZF Advantage™ Grips with VDP technology- NEW!

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Zero Friction Advantage Grips with VDP technology

Zero Friction Advantage™ Series Performance Golf Grips featuring VDP technology are ideal for a wide range of golfers from the professional to the occasional player. What's VDP technology? VDP Technology (Vibration Diffusion Pattern) is a diamond patterned shock absorbing design that is molded into the inner core of every Zero Friction grip. VDP insulates the hands from typical vibration a player experiences at impact, producing a more solid feel and confidence-inspired performance. Our .600 grips consist of a unique deeply serrated counter-torque pattern that resists the tendency for the grip to twist in a golfer’s hands at ball strike and thus provides unparalleled performance and playability in all weather conditions. The ZFAdvantage™ provides optimum tackiness and soft feel in the hands, allowing for a lighter feel and increased control in the swing. The medium firm durometer of Zero Friction Advantage™ allows for less hand tension and pressure for more comfortable and less tiring round of play. ZF Advantage™ Grips are made with precisely blended premium rubber compounds, and produced on state of the art computer controlled molding equipment. Zero Friction Advantage™ Series Performance Grips are individually hand finished and inspected delivering consistent high quality and performance at an economical price to the consumer. Standard .600 round core. Available in wide variety of solid and color filled options for you to choose from.

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